top 7 best matte lipsticks

Top 7 best matte lipsticks

Lipsticks are a cosmetic product which contains waxes, oils, and pigments. Lipsticks are available in many shades. I read somewhere “lipsticks are really magical”. Lipsticks are actually the best friend of girls. In a face makeup, the role of lipsticks is mains. They are matte, glossy, long sticky, and shimmery. It depends upon the mood and the dress you wear.  I individually love matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks never go out of fashion and trend. It always gives a statement when you apply to it. So here are the top 7 best matte lipsticks.

You can also say that lipsticks and women are in a relationship, for a long time for, many years. Lipstick gives you powerful & stylish look when you apply on your face.

 To choose a lipstick there is a three-option coming into your mind i.e.

Finishing, First of all, you should decide that your lipsticks are matte, glossy, creamy or shimmery. If you are a trendy girl or say that fashionable person then you go along with matte. Matte is a new trend. It goes with all the dresses. When you wear matte you look likes a teenager.  The benefit to going with matte is- it hides your age. The one and only disadvantage of matte lipsticks is-it dry your lips.

Color shades The color shade is a main perspective of the lip color. It will be changed according to the dress, occasion. Newly married ladies usually like to put red color on her lips. Not only the newly married ….. There are few ladies and girls who wear red color in the parties. Red is hot and sexy. If your dress color is light then you will go with red color. Otherwise, the color should be matching with your dress.  You can also add rust color, brown color in your favorites list. I personally love rust color.

Brand It is the most important thing called brand. From brand, you can judge the quality and performance. In the case of lipsticks, there are different kinds of brands.  Mostly the ladies want long-stay lip color. So for that, you have to purchase high-quality lipsticks from a good quality brand. So here we discuss the top 10 brands of matte lipsticks. Just scroll down and check the new and fabulous collection of lipsticks in the market. These are the Top 7 best matte lipsticks.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte lipsticks

 In this, there are 16 lip colors available with rich moisturizing. With these lipsticks, your lips are hydrated and feel like creamy and smooth. Jojoba oils are used in these lipsticks, which makes the lips hydrated for 8 hours. There are so many shades available from bold color to nude.

It is high pigmented lipsticks from the ultra matte collection. This is extreme, with the only use of one strike, you can see the result. These lipsticks are perfect for any type of dresses, or any type of occasions. Now, this is available in a new classy packing in black color.

Loreal matte lipsticks

Price– Rs750 for 4.2 gm

Color bar velvet Matte Lipsticks

This lip color comes in classic covering in a silver color tube with see-through cap. Packaging is good-looking and sturdy. Whatever color you buy from this brand, it will mention you at the bottom of the tube. These lipsticks have a creamy matte texture, which helps you make your lips fresh and hydrated. It nourishes with vitamin –D, it is exclusive 2 in 1 method, which gives the lips a smooth and yet matte finish. These lipsticks are budget-friendly too. I personally use a color bar lipsticks.

In my collection I have different shades like creamy cup78 v, all fired up83 v, thrilling pink. All the colors are bold. I like to wear it on occasions and parties. The interesting part is that it has a fragrance. I don’t know what kind of fragrances is that. But I like that. It is kind of semi-matte lip color. You don’t need any lip balm for moisturizing. There are 29 shades available in these brands which is quite classy. Try these lipsticks with stylish dhoti skirt. You look perfect for any occasions.

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Price– Rs325 for 4.2 gm

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipsticks

M.A.C lipsticks are manufactured founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984. M.A.C is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics’. If your makeup is classy, then the good chances are to wear high-quality lipstick from all the brands.  All of you knew about the MAC retro matte lipsticks.  The Ruby Woo lipsticks are beyond your imagination.  It is red.  These lipsticks are highly popular matte lipsticks range in INDIA. It is also in Top 7 best matte lipsticks.

The packaging of these lipsticks is in matte black color. Overall it looks simple and elegant. It is easy to apply and gives a quick look son your lips.  It will stay up to 5-6 hours. MAC lipsticks are dry. I advise that put a lip balm on your lips when you apply MAC lipsticks on your lips. The price will depend upon the color of lipsticks. You choose. Famous shades are ruby woo, retro matte dangerous, satin lipsticks twig, etc. It also contains a fragrance. It will suit all type of Indian skin tone. These lipsticks are looking cool when you try it with a crop top and shorts.

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Best M.A.C lipsticks
Price– Rs1300 for 3gm

All Faces Ultimate Pro-Matte Lipsticks

 Matte lipsticks are the hottest trend in the beauty industry. There are a lot of improvements in the pigments as well as in the shades. Faces provide you an extremely high liquids matte lipsticks with which you can smoothly pout. 

The color pigments are well settled and provide a matte finish look. They have long stayed lipsticks. Around 4-5 hours they can easily stay. There are creamy, as well as you apply on your lips it will give you a gentle and smooth finish. All faces ultimate pro matte lipsticks are available in eight different shades. Nude truffle, tangy orange, kisses of fire, pink promises are the few and trendy lip shades of faces.

Ladies actually want proper matte lipsticks with totally zero shine, then you should go with this. It takes only 10 seconds to set. It will never go patchy on your lips. If you are Comparison these lipsticks to the other lipsticks- then these lipsticks show a tough competition to the others.

Best faces matte lipsticks
Price– Rs799 for 2.5 gm

Maybelline-New York super stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks

 Maybelline color matte lipsticks have a new range of collection in the market. Maybelline is the most popular brand in India. It is matte super stay city edition liquid lipsticks. It gives us a flawless matte finish with up to 16 hours long stay. The packaging is very interesting, it is in matte tubes with upper body has a matte white color.

There are 10 super shades available in this. A unique arrow applicator is given to apply lipsticks on your lips. Saturated red, burnt sienna’s, terracotta hues are the popular shades in these lipsticks. Apply these lipsticks at the center of your upper lips and then contour your lips. After that move smoothly the lipsticks to the bottom lip.  In my collection, the Maybelline lipsticks are more. It is highly pigmented and also nourishes our lips. This lipsticks also count on the 7 top best matte lipsticks.

Top best maybelline matte lipsticks
Price– Rs650 for 5ml

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipsticks

Make your lips, even more striking with sugar suede matte lipsticks. These lipsticks are newly launched by Sugar Cosmetics. It has normal packaging is in a rectangular tube, where the upper area is back. The formula used is very light weighted and gives you a matte look. These lipsticks are not drying your lips, even when it dries. It is 12 hours long stay. It comes in 10 ml packs. Apply it as a liner then fills the area under it, it will give you smooth and gentle look.

There are 20 shades available in these lipsticks. From bold to nude all shades are available. Try muslin mauve color. It looks stupendous.

Sugar matte lipsticks
Price– Rs799 for 10ml

Lakme 9to5 Weightless Matte Mousse lipsticks

Lakme’s firstly launched lipsticks in a mouse texture with super weightless and can be used as a chick color too. There are 10 vibrant shades available in these lipsticks.  These lipsticks have a soft and smooth texture and easily glimpse on your lips.  

The packaging is too classy. It is in the tube where the upper part is in shiny pinkish color and bottom is in peach color. These lipsticks are 2in1 in use: double as a lip and cheek shade for flexible use. It also moisturizes your lips because it contains vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil. These lipsticks give s beautiful bright shades in one strike and literally don’t fade away. Blush velvet, coffee lite, tangerine fluff are the few shades of Lakme lipsticks.

Lakme best matte  lipsticks
Price– Rs625 for 9 gm

I hope you like my article on Top 7 best matte lipsticks. Comment below and tell me about your best matte lipsticks from this collection.

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