15 ways to reuse your mother old sarees

15 ways to reuse your MOTHER’S old Sarees

Sarees are the common dress wear which everyone used. As you know that every mother will have an older Sarees. There are actually tones of sarees in your mother’s wardrobe. Actually which is none of the use? New generation people want a change in their outfits. Here we discuss the amazing 15 ways to reuse your mother’s old Sarees. Sarees are made up of different material like Banarasi sarees, silk sarees, chiffon sarees, chanderi sarees, and ruffle sarees. So there is a different type of sarees.

I am living in a joint family. In my childhood, I noticed that many Auntie’s talking about sarees, that how they can reuse it. From that, I would like to share a blog on to reuse your mother sarees.

Here are the few amazing examples of dress that is made from old sarees. Check out all these.

Creative Dupatta

Today, DUPATTA is the main thing in an Indian outfit. You can change your sarees into interesting dupatta. From my personal experience I think that if your mothers have some banarasi sarees or silk sarees, it would be a better option to make it into dupatta.

How to reuse mother old sarees

Turn it into a Table Runner

Recently, I m going to Jaipur with my family. I saw there a table runner which is unique and elegant. And the material was giving a royal look. Sarees material is the best material to make a table runner. When your guest is coming then you can use it. It is the best decor idea. And it looks classy. You can also add a transparent sheet over it, to look shinier. Creativity is the key to motivation.

Table runner  from mother old sarees

Turn it into POTLI(women accessories)

You can change your sarees into potli. Potli is a woman accessory which, women can carry when they are going out for weddings and traditional functions. Here is different potli’s collection. Just go throw it and makes a perfect potli for your mother as a gift by reusing old sarees. You can just only add some LATKANS to make it pretty.

potli can be made from mothers old sarees

Make Pretty Curtains

Sarees can be turned into beautiful curtains. It sounds different that sarees can turn into the curtain. But, when you try to make this option, at last, you see the result. These are easy to maintain and wash. Believe me, when your mother saws that, they are more happy to see that her child is unbelievable.

Curtains from mother old sarees

Sarees Can be Turned into Pillow Covers

Pillow can be made by your old sarees. Just you have to check the best option or you can say that the best area of your sarees to make the front of the pillow cover. It will make the best decor ever. So if you have sarees, don’t waste it. Just trim it your saree into a beautiful pillow.

Pillow from mother old sarees

Turn into beautiful Skirt

There are so many ways to wear a skirt. Like crop top with a skirt, long straight shirt with a skirt and normal sarees with a skirt. So another option for reuse your old sarees i.e. stitch it into a skirt. Here are a few examples of skirt that is made from sarees.

How to make a skirt from mother old sarees

Get some Trending Dhoti Salwar

Now day’s dhoti pants or dhoti salwar is a new option for the ladies. You can turn your sarees into dhoti salwar. If you want to wear a different style, go for dhoti salwar. If there is an Indian theme wedding or function going on your house, this is the greatest thing to do with your mother old sarees.

Amazing ways to reuse your mother old sarees

Turn it into a Jacket

This is again amazing i.e. I personally advise you to make. The jacket is outerwear which is trending nowadays. Depending upon your choice you can adjust the jacket size. I mean to say that it can be a long jacket or it can be a short jacket. If you don’t want to cut your sarees into small pieces then go for a long jacket. It is the best option. And also wearing jhumkas with jacket, which look graceful and trendy.

jacket from mother old sarees

Make Perfect Palazzos

Sarees can be turn up into palazzo pants. Just like a skirt, you can wear palazzo with crop top n kurtis. Palazzo is the best option to reuse your mother old sarees. This option is the best option in the 15 ways to reuse your MOTHER‘S old sarees.

Palazzo pants from mother old sarees


Lehenga is also an option to reuse your mother old sarees. If you have a good tailor/boutique in your contact just handover your mother old sarees that they should stitch a designer lehenga for you. For making a good lehenga you can also use 1–2 sarees.

Diifferent ways to reuse your MOTHER old Sarees

Turn it into Anarkali

Long Anarkali is also made up of mother old sarees. If you are worried about that, your sarees are cut into small pieces. For that, guys this is the best option. Speak regarding Value for money.

Anarkli- can be made from mothers old saress

Crop top with a Brocade Skirt

Crop top and skirt are new items adding on your wardrobe. There are many sarees like kanjivaram sarees. This is the best option to choose from. And this is a new trend which is going currently. It looks like a fluffy skirt with a fitted crop top, which is perfect for the occasion.

Crop top from mother old sarees

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Twinning with your children

Twining is the new tradition entered the fashion market. Nowadays everyone gets twining with their best person like daughter, sister, friend, mommy, etc. If you want to reuse mother old sarees then go with this. Comment below if you love this idea.

Twining is another way to reuse your mother old sarees

Make an overcoat and jacket

You can make an overcoat and jacket whatever you want from your mother old sarees. And with this option, your sarees can not cut into smaller pieces. You can easily wear these outfits with jeans, leggings, and shorts. karishma kapoor wears an overcoat in this picture. This is also a new style to carry. Try this overcoat with white sneakers.

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Overcoat from mother old sarees

Old sarees can turn into shirt\kurta

Shirt /kurta is also an option for reuse your mother old sarees. You can also try this with your mama’s old sarees. And you can easily wear in your daily routine like collages, offices & kitty party. A style which I can’t wait to try on me.

Kurti from mother old sarees

These are the 15 ways to reuse your MOTHER’S old sarees. So ready to do these option with your mother old sarees

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