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How to Create a Complete Basket for Women’s Care?

Firstly, I want to tell you one thing that, every woman is going busy in their own schedule. Some are workings others are housewives. Let me tell you one thing i.e. health is important. Here I am telling you about Women’s care. So don’t waste your time, I am going directly on the topic i.e. Intimate Hygiene. Our society is becoming more and more open mind about the sexual health and wellness of women.

Normally girl’s talks are about the latest beauty products, new trends, and clothes. But there is nobody discuss the intimate hygiene. Intimate care is also important for women.  It is just not about clean & fresh but also prevents bad odour, itching, infection, and other health problems. So here we are telling about the products which are compulsory or you can say that much-needed for women when they are going out. These are the products that we are included in to create a complete basket for women’s care?

Whenever we go out for an outing, we are normally packed clothes, shoes and makeup kit. So here we create a complete basket for the women’s health. In this basket the most important products are:

Intimate wash

Bikini Hair Remover Cream

Menstrual Cup

Intimate wash

Intimate wash is a formulated solution mainly for the women to clean their private parts. All women can use intimate wash without any hesitation. Whenever you are suffering from itching, irritating on and bad smell, you can use intimate wash and clean your private area. During periods or if you are pregnant you can use it. Without any doctor’s prescription, you can buy it.

Mainly the intimate wash is used because it helps to balance our pH level. When we are using soap and shower gel the pH level is discontinuous, which causes irritation and itching.  When you are using an intimate wash, it also helps for the growth of good bacteria, Lactobacillus which is good for the vagina’s health.

There are many women who are using an intimate wash. I am also using it. There are many companies who are selling intimate wash for women. Personally I also used Intimate Wash. There are many types of intimate wash. Intimate wash is extra mild for all types of skin. There are natural ingredients present in the intimate wash like Ficus Glomarata, Butea Frondosa, sphatika, and aloe vera.

When you are using Intimate Wash just wash your hands, wet your vaginal area. Take 9-10 drops of Naturals Intimate Wash on your palm. And then apply gently on our private area & rinse thoroughly.

I recommend using an intimate wash twice daily. During morning shower and before going to bed you can use an intimate wash.

Your private areas need care so don’t use soap and shower gel. Try Intimate wash

Bikini Hair Remover Cream

The Name tells everything about it. It is a type of cream which is used to remove hair from your private parts. When we are talking about women’s care, bikini hair remover cream is also add on to her basket. All women want odour free and clean vagina, to make her feel fresh and safe from other harmful infections.


In this creme, there is a natural chamomile extract are presents which gives no harsh smell, ingrown hair, cuts or burns, and no darkened skin. You can remove your hair in just five minutes. It also moisturizes your skin. I hope you may like it.

Menstrual Cup

The menstrual cup is used in periods. During periods usually, women feel unsafe by using pads. Normally when we are suffering from periods, we are always thinking about changing pads or leakage. So here is the solution menstrual cups. It is a feminine hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation cycle. The only purpose of these cups is to collect the menstrual fluid. It also prevents leaking onto clothes. These cups are a bell in shape and made up of medical-grade silicone. It is very soft and 100% safe to use.

So when you create a woman care basket always remember to add Menstrual Cup on your basket.

In periods, it will provide you 12 hours leak-proof protection. If you try everteen menstrual cup you can freely perform all the activities like dance, yoga, swimming, gym and more. By using this there is no menstrual odour, itching, rashes, and dryness. It is very comfortable to wear and there is no skin irritation when you are using the everteen menstrual cup.

There are many brands that are providing Menstrual cups is in two sizes i.e. Large & Small.

Normally the Large menstrual cup can hold up to30ml fluid, it can hold up too normal to heavy flow.

The small menstrual cup can hold up to23 ml fluid, it can hold up to a light to normal flow.

The other important thing is always to use an intimate wash to clean the vagina before or after using the Menstrual cup.

I hope this information will give you complete information about women’s care. So whenever you go for an outing or trip, so don’t forget to carry these things with you.

Stay healthy and fit!!

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