how to wear a crop top

Crop tops – Here are 12 Different ways to wear crop to look more attractive.

A Crop top is just like a new trend which hit the fashion world. Crop tops are also seen in the 90s. But now after a couple of year’s crop top are coming back with a classic look. Today we are talking about that crop top which is famous among the youth. Girls who want to look more attractive in crop top check these amazing ideas- That how to wear a crop top.

Normally people think that the crop top is made for thin ladies. But it is not true. The curvy women can also wear a crop top. I am also a little fat.  But I love to wear a crop top. Normally you should know about fashion. I mean to say that you should know about what to wear with a crop top? In this fashion world, we have seen lots of combination with a crop top. Like crop top with a skirt, crop top with jeans. Today we are talking about the 12 different ways to wear a crop top to look more attractive.

How to wear a crop top?

Get loose

Crop top doesn’t mean that it should be skinny. You can also wear a loose crop top.  When you are going on shopping many times you can see boxy crop tops. These tops are loose and look classy.

Loose crop top

Temporary knot

There are some tops which can temporary tie-up. These top also come under a crop top. You can make a temporary knot. This look is very sexy.

Temporary knot crop top

Cover up

If you think you don’t want to expose your tummy. In that case, a crop top can be wear like a cover-up. You can wear over the cardigan, sweater, and sheer tops. Cover up your crop top in a good manner when there are winters. Really you feel cozy.

covered crop top

Full Sleeves

The crop top can be full sleeves. Crop top with full sleeves is like a sense of balance the shorter top.

Crop top with full sleeves

10 different ways to wear a crop top to look more attractive.

Pair it with high waist jeans

If your crop top is too short, then you can pair your crop top with high waist jeans. Only a coy sight of skin is displayed when you get high-waisted.

Crop top with high waist jeans

Crop top with a long plain skirt

You can pair your crop top with a long skirt. It will give you casual attire.  This outfit can be wear in the office. These outfits come in your mind when you want a chic look. With the help of nude lipstick, you can complete this look.

Crop top with plain skirt

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Pair it with shorts

A crop top is made for the shorts. The girls who want to show off her long legs go with this jaunty style. This will rock your look. It is a perfect look when you are going for a beach vacation or when you are on trekking. You can also be twinning with your friends for a perfect day out. Our Bollywood celebrities loved this style.

Crop top with shorts

Crop top with a Denim skirt

This combination is like flawless. This is completely office wear look. When you just want to upgrade your formal; then go with this look. In this outfit, your tummy will not be shown.  You can wear a high waist denim skirt.  Heels and black pumps will give a great look when you go for a party and Saturday’ night. When you are going for the beach you can pair it with White Sneakers.

Crop top with denim skirt

Pair it with Palazzos

When you wear palazzo with a crop top, you just feel the comfort level. Mostly when you see celebrities airport look. It was like a crop top with palazzo. For the simple and elegant look, you can wear a crop top with plain or printed palazzo. Otherwise, for the festival or the party go for the silk and chiffon palazzo. Further, you can also add anklets, rings or any other accessories.

Crop top with palazzo

Crop top –Twin Set

This style is very trending. It is a 90s style which is back and the world is rocking with this style. It is fun, airy and elegant. This amazing style is normally worn with a skirt. When you go for outing add heels & clutch with your outfit. It is a superb combination.

How to wear a crop top

Crop top with a Pencil Skirt

Another bottom which can be paired with crop top i.e. pencil skirt. You can wear this at a party and also at the business conference. It depends upon the crop top style.

Crop top with pencil skirt

Crop top with Culottes

In a fashion world, another daring trend to wear crop top; class up it with culottes with the loose end. This ensemble will rock your day.

Crop top with culottes

Crop top with a skater skirt

Skater skirt is a high waist skirt with a flowing effect. When you wear a crop top with a skater skirt, everyone will fall in love with your dress. I can wear a crop top with all these things. But I will never try skater skirt with a crop top. In coming vacation, my first outfit is crop top with a skater skirt.

Crop top with skater skirt

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Crop top with Jacket

This is a winter outfit. This look is never going outdated. You can wear a crop top with coats, pullover, blazer, and jackets. You look sexy and fashionable without shivering in the winter.

Crop top with jackets

Crop top with a Sarees

Sometimes you have to attend a surprise party. And you have not enough time to think about what to wear.  No problem!!  Just pick you plain or sequenced crop top depending upon the color of sarees and wear it. Choose some accessories which will go with you sarees. This is called the right choice to wear a crop top.

Crop top with sarees

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Crop top with Lehenga

Everyone knows this option. Combine your crop top with Lehenga or a long maxi skirt. This option is evergreen and never goes out of fashion.

Crop top with lehenga

 The crop top vibe is very casual, so we are suggesting you to experiments with your clothes. And also try some new look. I hope you guys get your answer that- different ways to wear a crop top to look more attractive.

Pop a comment below!! What do you think about these ideas?

I hope you will try these options.

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  3. Amazing information and someone also told me “Try layering your crop top over a long-sleeve T-shirt, then tie a scarf around your waist like a belt!” Wear a long, loose skirt or high-waisted pants. A loose, maxi- or midi-length skirt looks lovely with a short, fitted crop top.

  4. This is not just a blog, you have represented the true face of tank tops. A lot of women have issue while selecting tank tops. Some of them don’t like to wear it for the party. But i think after reading this they will surely try at least once.

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