8 surprising benefits of carom seeds

8 Surprising benefits of Carom seeds

Have you ever heard about CAROM SEEDS benefits?  Carom seeds are the most popular seeds which are present in INDIA. Carom seeds are not only seeds-it is like a fruit that is developed from to Trachyspermum ammi flower.

Ajwain, Trachyspermum Ammi – is known as Carom seeds. Ajwain is small, oval-shaped seeds are in a pale brown color. It is also looked the same as a cumin seed. Carom seeds smell is exactly like thyme, because it also contains thymol. The tastes of carom seeds are bitter and spicy. These plants are mainly developed in India and Iran. Ajwain is mostly used in home remedy. So here we tell about the 8 surprising benefits of carom seeds.

Ajwain is used in traditional medicines. In Ayurveda, medicines ajwain are mostly used ingredients. To prevent us from stomach pain, indigestion, bloating, fatigues the ajwain powders are used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Today the carom seeds are widely used in Asia and in Middle East countries. As we mentioned that the taste is bitter, so when you used the carom seeds in cooking, you especially noticed the quantity of the carom seeds. It is too spicy, so it can be easily spoiled the taste of food. It is very small, so the quantity you used in your food is also tiny. Usually in cooking, when you are using carom seeds –it should be dry and roasted.

Nutrition Facts: amount per100 gm

  • Calories: 375
  • Total fat: 22g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 168 mg
  • Sugar: 2.3g
  • Potassium: 1,788 mg
  • Total carbohydrate: 44 g
  • Protein: 18 g

Ajwain helps us to stop Greying of hair

Ajwain helps us to stop graying of hair. Greying of hair is a natural process. All people have gray hair after forty. But now it is common in teenage as well. There are lots of people having gray hair. For those people who think that their hair should turn a gray early, consuming carom seeds –which is known as a popular traditional home remedy. The high anti-oxidants and minerals content present in the carom seeds benefits help us to stimulate the health of hair and also prevents from gray hair.

Ajwain help to stop gray hair

How to use:

  • Soak the 2 tbsp of dry Ajwain in the cup of water while sleeping. Next morning stir the water well, and then strain the water and then take it with the empty stomach.
  • Otherwise, you can use carom seeds oil. Massage your hair with carom seeds oil, leave it overnight. Next morning wash your hair with shampoo normally. Repeat this process regularly to get back your black hair.
  • Another option is, take the cup of water adds 2 curry leaves, add some dry grapes then add some Carom seeds add honey. Boil this mixture for some time and then off the flame. Strain the water and then drink this day after day, to stop premature of graying of hair.

Ajwain helps us to get rid of pimples and scars

 The most important benefits of carom seeds in our skin problem are – get rid of pimples and acne scars. Instead of spending money on expensive product why we don’t search upon the home remedy to get rid of pimples. And the answer you get that is carom seeds benefits. Ajwain has antioxidants properties which flush out the acne and acne scars problem. And make your skin flawless, clear and free from skin problem.

How ajwain helpful to remove scars and pimple

How to use:

  •  Best and easy way to use ajwain on your face – make a paste of ajwain with warm water. And then put that paste on your face where the pimples are present. Apply 6-7 days on your face and then see the result. You get to flush out your pimple and get flawless skin.
  • Another option is- takes 2 tbsp of fresh yogurt and also takes a powdered ajwain. Mix it well, and then apply that mixture on your affected area. Sit for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with normal water. Apply this mixture to get rid of acne and acne scars as well.

Ajwain helps us to lose weight

In health, ajwain plays an important role. The best benefits of ajwain are to help people to lose their weight. Ajwain contains fiber. And the study shows that food that contains fiber help in controlling the appetite and from which it avoids overeating. Ajwain contains an oil called thymol and it has antiseptic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties, it will speed up body metabolism and help us to lose weight.  You can also lose your weight drinking warm water.

Weight lose from ajwain

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How to use:

  • Take ajwain in the pain, and then roast it, until the color change. Set them to one side, while you boil 600ml water in the pan. When the water started boiling, put the roasted ajwain seeds on it. After a few minutes, low the flame. You see that the color of the water is changed, then off the flame. Let it cool. Strain and drink the water all through the day.
  • Another option is to soak the ajwain overnight. Next morning stir the water and then strain it well. Add 1tbsp of honey into it. Mix it well. Drink that water every day with an empty stomach. You should do this process for 3 months at least and then noticed weight loss.

Ajwain act as a natural mosquito repellent

If you guys fight regularly with a mosquito in the night. And you just fed up with all different mosquito brands. For those people, there is another option, which can make you at home. Due to the presence of thymol in the ajwain, it has properties like fungicide and germicide. Due to this ajwain, act as a repellent.

Benefit of ajwain- act as repellent

How to use:

In a bowl take some mustard oil, and then mix it few with carom seeds. Then put this mixture into the small cardboard pieces. Keep that cardboard on the room of the corner. Definitely, it will help you from mosquitoes. It doesn’t contain any harmful fume like other brands.

Ajwain help in cold treatment

Most of the people have a cold in winters as well as in summer. Cold may normally occur due to the change of the climate. We normally take many medicines for this problem. In cold usually headaches, body pain, chest congestion, nose blockage, and cough. Ajwain can prevent us from these problems.

Ajwain helpful in cold and cough

How to use:

  • For cough, take carom seeds with warm water for 5-6 days regularly. Surely, it will give you relief from the cough.
  •  Take some boiled water; add some carom seeds (ajwain) in it. And then take steam from that water. This is a good home remedy for cold patients.

Ajwain relief in Menstrual Pain

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that occurs only in women. Every month you should suffer from menstrual pain. There are lots of medicines which are provided to get rid of these cramps and pain in the legs. These benefits are also coming under the 8 Surprising benefits of Carom seeds. These benefits are also included in 8 surprising benefits of carom seeds.

Benefits of ajwain in menstrual pain

 How to use:

  • Take carom seeds with a glass boiling water, by doing that, you can also get rid of the pain.
  • Another option is to roast some carom seeds and then take that seeds with milk. When the pain is unbearable you can go with this option.
  •  The third option is carom seeds oil, massage with the carom seeds oil on your legs and muscle. It works excellent as a muscle relaxer.

Improves Digestion

In Ayurvedic medicines, the carom seeds have commonly used the remedy to improve your digestion. Nothing disturbs you more than, an upset stomach. Normally in many houses, the carom seeds are generally known for the improvement of digestion and also get rid of stomach pain. Warm Water is also helpful to improve digestions.

Benefits of ajwain helps to improve digestion

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In our daily routine, many people consume ajwain right after meals. Even I take this regularly after the meal. It actually helps in digestion by realizing gastric juice.  Ajwain is also helpful in treating indigestion as well.

How to use:

  • Take raw carom seeds with water; along with sugar.  And this will give you help in treating indigestion.
  • Take 1tbsp of cumin seeds and 1tpsb of carom seeds and half tbsp of ginger powder. Mix it well. And drink that mixture daily.

Beneficial for Pregnant Women

According to home remedies, ajwain is beneficial for pregnant women. In pregnancy, women facing many problems like constipation, bloating stomach pain, digestion problems.  Even after post-delivery, women can take the help of ajwain to improve digestion and also to clean uterus.

Benefits of ajwain for pregnant women

How to use:

Drinking ajwain water daily is being helpful for pregnant women.

Side Effects of carom seeds

So here we discussed the benefits of carom seeds. I hear something that, the access use of anything’s leads to harm. So let’s talk about the side effects of carom seeds.

  • Pregnant women-It is beneficial for pregnant women. But if you eat always carom seeds, it may affect fetal health. So if you are pregnant, then consult your doctor before taking carom seeds
  • Other problems-Eating too much ajwain can increase the acidity in the gut which leads to a stomach problem, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea.
  • Mouth Ulcers-As you know that the carom seeds have powerful ingredients, if we are eating too much it leads to the inflammation in the mouth. And even leads to the point of developing ulcers.
  • Liver Issue-The organic compound present in the carom seeds can create liver problems as well. If you are chewing too much carom seeds, maybe liver problem occur.

I hope that you like my article on 8 surprising benefits of carom seeds.

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