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25 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair & Weight Loss

 Everyone knows about the Aloe Vera. Aloe is naturally found in North Africa. Aloe Vera- It is a succulent plant, sometimes it describes as a “short-stemmed shrub”. It is a species of the genus Aloe. Aloe is a kind of genus that contains more than 600 species of flowering succulent plant.

Aloe Vera is count in the best species; that are used in Home Remedies for different purposes. Here I am discussing the 25 amazing benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin, Hair and weight loss. I hope it will help you

In Hindi Aloe Vera is known as “ghritkumari”. Aloe Vera is an unpretentious houseplant. It is a very powerful plant related to health and beauty products.

How to extract an Aloe Vera Gel form Aloe Vera plant

  • If you have an aloe vera plant at home, then you will be able to extract the gel from the aloe vera plant.
  • Select the flatter leaves or stems of aloe vera and cut it from the base. There are thorns on the aloe Vera leaves so be careful when you directly pull the leaves from the bottom.
  • With the help of a knife, you can cut the thorns from each leaf. And then you just open the leaf of one slice normally.
  • Use the spoon to scrape the gel from the leaf and put it into a container.
  • Now you can use this extracted gel. And also refrigerate it.

You can also buy an Aloe Vera Gel from the market. And use it whenever you want. With the help of these amazing benefits of aloe vera, you will able to know why this plant comes under a “wonder plant”.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on hair

Today, everyone has a hair problem. Normally hair problem is occurring when your scalp is dry or cells are dead. It is found that Aloe Vera contains something i.e. called Proteolytic Enzymes which repairs the dry scalp and dead skin cells.

Hair Benefits of Aloe Vera

Helps in Hair Growth– the enzymes present in aloe vera help to activate the new hair growth. Aloe vera provides vitamins and minerals which increase the blood circulation in the scalp.

Aloe Vera as a conditioner-If you are applying regular aloe vera gel to your hair, it will help to condition the hair and also soften it. Aloe Vera moisturizes your hair and maintains the quality and volume of the hair.

Dandruff Treatment-As you know that aloe vera is a wonder plant. There are many advantages of using aloe vera. It is also beneficial for the treatment of dandruff. Aloe Vera contains an enzyme that removes the dead cell from the scalp and also moisturizes it.

Maintain the pH level of the scalp-If the pH value is not normal it will also create a hair problem. Normally, the value of the scalp is 5.5-it is acidic. Aloe Vera helps to retain the pH value of the scalp and also encourages the health of the hair.

Reduce hair loss-The anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera helps to reduce the hair fall. It nourishes the hair from the roots and makes your hair smooth, soft, and shiner.

Benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin

Aloe Vera gel is filled with beauty benefits. You can get rid of all skin problems. It works on every type of skin like oily, sensitive or dry. With the use of aloe vera, you can get moisturizes, flawless and blemish skin. Let’s get to the details about the 10 amazing benefits of aloe vera for skin.

Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera

Moisturizes and heals dry skin- Aloe Vera is known as a natural moisturizer. Aloe Vera has hydrating properties. There is 99% of the water content present in aloe vera. Due to this, it will act as a natural moisturizer. Without clogging the pores, it softens the skin without making it oily.

Helps to reduce premature signs of aging-With the ages of your skin, your skin loses elasticity and also get moisture-less. This problem will lead to wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.  Get To deal with this problem you can use aloe vera.

This will not reduce only wrinkles but also prevents the premature signs of aging. It will soften your skin by repair your skin cells and increases the elasticity of the skin. It also brightens your skin by removing the dead cells.

Aloe Vera also used to Reduce Acne-Aloe Vera is also used to reduce scars and acne and also blemishes from the skin. Due to the enzyme present in the aloe vera, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that increase the growth of the new cells. And also reduce acne, redness, and inflammation. It also helps to treat the pimples without any damage to the skin.

Aloe Vera for acne

Mix the aloe vera gel, sugar and lemon juice. Apply gently on your skin. And see the result. Sugar removes the dead cells from your skin, aloe vera cleanse your skin and lemon juice will help to reduce the scars and tan from the skin.

Reduces Stretch Marks- After delivery, there are stretch marks appear on our stomach. When we are wearing lehenga or sarees we feel embarrassed. When you are gaining or losing weight stretch marks also appear. You can use aloe vera gel regularly to reduce stretch marks.

Healing of wounds-When there is a burn, infection, cut, injuries and mosquito bites on your skin. You can directly apply the aloe vera gel to boost the healing of wounds. It will help you to get rid of burning and itchiness and also gives a cooling effect.

 To Make Stronger Nails-Massage your nails with aloe vera gel regularly. It will make them strong and also gives shine.

Aloe Vera makes the skin less oily-When you apply directly on the skin; it will help you to reduce the unnecessary oil from your face. And keeps you face fresh and healthy.

Aloe vera for weight loss

The benefits of aloe vera are not limited to beauty and skincare. Aloe vera is also helpful for weight loss. Aloe Vera can be used in lots of terms like gel, cream, and juice. The antioxidants present in aloe vera helps to cut out the radicals from the body and boost our immunity system.

Weight lose with Aloe Vera

For muscle development, the aloe vera is also a good source of proteins. The studies show that if we are regularly consumed aloe vera juice it will help to lose some weight.

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Mix some boiled water with aloe vera juice and consumed it daily with an empty stomach. But it should be consumed regularly for a long period to see the result.

Aloe Vera Health Benefits and Medical use

As you know, there are lots of benefits of aloe vera. Aloe Vera is also used as a remedial herb; it will nourish our whole body from inside. Aloe Vera is actually known for skin treatment and injuries. It is a wonder plant so there are other several health benefits.

  • Improves digestion
  • Relief from Menstrual pain
  • Lower Arthritis Pain
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Remove Plague
  • Helps treat dehydration
  • Reduce muscle Pain
  • Boost Immunity
  • Manage Diabetes
  • For constipation

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