10 accessories you need to change in your balcony

10 Accessories that will definitely change your Balcony Right now.

Winters are coming, which means that you have to spend lots of your time outside. Like, drink coffee and tea in your balcony with sunlight. These days are special and you have to spend this time at home. So it is the right time to create your balcony by adding some accessories and enjoy a good time at home with your family member. So I will tell you 10 accessories that will definitely change your balcony right now.

Add planters to balcony railings

flower pot railing for balcony
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If you have a small balcony just add a number of plants in your balcony to feel larger. There is a number of people who are growing their own fruits and flowers. Then there is a perfect use of balcony by you growing fresh flowers and feel fresh.

You can add some flower pots in your balcony to feel fresh. It will give your balcony a classy and elegant look. in the pot you can also add ceramic succulent planters, it also looks good. You can check the number of flower pots online from Amazon. You can also add hanging flower pots on the wall or railing as per the demand of the balcony architecture. Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter is also good for your balcony interior. You can grow any kind of vegetables, flowers, or any succulent plant here. Now you and your guest love to sit outside and see the beauty of nature and the color of the blue sky.

Add a set of two Papasan Chair in your balcony

Papasan chair for balcony
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Many of us drop the idea of hanging outside in the balcony just because you haven’t any seating space there. 40 % of people have a balcony but no seating option. Sometimes you are tired and sometimes you don’t want to move the furniture from the balcony and lawn and then only from not the seating option in your balcony, you just avoid going there.

So I advise you to add a Papasan chair in your balcony. So if you agree I will tell you where you can buy Papasan chair online.

OSP Home Furnishings Papasan Chair is an amazing chair. It is fitted with the entire balcony interior.  You can also check the amazing Papasan chair online from here.  

Use Comforters and Rugs

rugs for balcony
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You can also create a cozy corner in your balcony. You can add rugs and comforters for the complete cozy settings. Also, add some boho cushions and pillows and side tables. Just imagine enjoying a dinner date with your friends and partner with a glass of wine. It is just amazing. Sometimes you can also go with late-night chat with your friends and also same time stare at the moon and the stars.  This will create your balcony a very simple and royal look like the balcony of a villa.

You can also try an artificial grass mat. It looks beautiful in the balcony whenever you sit on this grass and rub your hand on it. It feels you are in heaven. You can buy Artificial Grass Turf Lawn, Economy Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Grass Mat online.

Lightening your Balcony

lights for balcony
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You can go with the lights. When the sunset, you can see the stars just add some lights and create a romantic balcony. Suppose you are in a society or flats, when people see the attractive lights in your balcony, you don’t imagine how super cool you will look. The dim lights you can use in your balcony to decorate it.

There are many kinds of artificial lights that are available online. You can check the artificial leaves with lights give the different look to your balcony or garden. A wall decorated with artificial lights.  It gives your balcony a bright look.

If you have a table you can also add table lamps and hanging lanterns with different hanging positions. There is also some eco-friendly decoration LED lights you can also add on.

Hang a Hammock in your Balcony

hammock for balcony
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Everybody loves Hammock. There is nobody who doesn’t want o sit on the hammock. Especially, when you able to see an amazing view around the apartment and flat. Just sit on it and swing. You can read books on the hammock. Also, enjoy a cup of coffee with your partner and there is a number of options when there is a hammock in your balcony. This product is come one of the 10 accessories that change your lookof balcony right now in

If you have a small balcony option then just go with the hammock and take advantage of it. You can also try some handwoven hammock in your balcony.

Add Iron furniture in your balcony

iron furniture for balcony
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Add a set of two iron chairs with a table that completes your balcony. These chairs should be folded whenever you won’t want just fold them and moved away. Enjoy the morning tea with your partner and enjoy the morning vibes with fresh air.

Patio Premier 217005 3pc Outdoor Tulip Garden Bistro Set. It is bronze in color and suits to your balcony. You can also decorate this table with a classy ceramic flower pot as we mentioned above. If you are a good book reader just add some novels and books to complement your tea time in the evening.

Add all-weather sofa in your balcony

all weather sofa for balcony
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I know everybody wants to add a big seating area in their balcony. This option is only valid for a big balcony.  If you have a big house then obviously there is an option of a big balcony, then you can add a big sofa in your balcony.

LOKATSE HOME 6 Pieces All-Weather Rattan Patio Sectional Sofa Set Wicker Outdoor Furniture is a good choice for the big balcony. This will give you a big compliment to your balcony.  Your children will love to sit on this sofa and enjoying games and cartoons there.

Add Bean Bag chair

bean bag chair for balcony
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If you are very desperate to sit in a comfortable space when you are tired after doing work at home and now you just want to enjoy the weather. You can go with the bean bag chair. It looks very stylish when you add in your balcony. It is very cutie addition in your balcony.

This bean bag is very comfortable to sit and there is fur on this bean bag which creates an elegant look. I hope you like it. Actually there is a number of cute and comfortable chairs are available on Amazon. You can also easily buy for your children also. For kid’s there is a special bean bag chair, you can buy online from here.

A Bird Cage   

bird cage
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A birdcage is a very unique option. You can add this cute and unique accessory in your balcony which changes the entire look of your outdoor.  The children will love this. Actually your bird also, they will feel and enjoy the fresh air. They will see the rain and also the other weather.

I am damn sure your guest must say from how you will get this idea. Here I am showing you the online birdcage i.e. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage. It is available in two colors black and white.

For an attractive balcony add an Umbrella

umberlla  for balcony
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If you don’t want to sit in the balcony which is open and hot rays of the sun are coming. Then you must try a big beautiful umbrella. Check this online umbrella. You can also add a café style coffee table and enjoying reading books and other activities.

So these are the 10 Accessories that will definitely change your balcony right now. I am sure you like all the accessories; in your mind, you will set your balcony style with these mentioned accessories.

Beyond these, there are some more things you can add to create your balcony at different levels. These things are a type of add on.

balKonzept Design balcony table– It looks like a railing tray. But it is different in design. You can use this side balcony table when you want to sit. You can place your laptop, books, and snacks option with a glass. It is a very useful addition to your balcony. It is detachable.

balcony side table
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BBQ- BBQ is a good option for the balcony. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and also make some food for dinner at the BBQ. This BBQ is portable you can place it everywhere you want. It will compliment your balcony when you want to hang-out with your friends at home.

BBQ for balcony
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A Hot Tub- This idea is not for everyone, if you don’t have any kind of privacy at your home then this is not required for you. This is an example of a bathtub in your balcony with little privacy. This option can be valid for villas and farmhouses. you can also buy a portable hot tub from here.

balcony style hot tub

Gas Fire Pit- A gas fire pit is a good option for winters. Just enjoy the winter and soaking your hand and just do chats and phone conversations with your friends.  I think this is a good option, must buy a fire pit for your balcony. And if you have two or more balconies, you can also make a custom made a fire pit for your home.

 fire pit for balcony
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Railing tray- A railing tray is like a little table. You can add pt on it, or some statue of Buddha. It will look cool and classy. Also enjoy a cup of coffee while standing, whenever you don’t want that tray it could be detachable.

Railing tray for  balcony
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Schedule a Boho style outdoor space-You can buy products like boho style and create a boho style balcony. It gives your balcony look chic.

boho style balcony
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Do you like my ideas which I mentioned above. I hope it will be. More suggestions are always welcomed!! Make your balcony look chic and vibrant with these 10 accessories, that definitely change the look right now.


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