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Oh that! Natural Products and Reviews

Hi Friends, today I am talking about “Oh that! Natural” brand. Let’s directly talk about Oh that! Natural products. The first thing I loved about this brand is its name and also the quality of its products. Just by seeing their products for the first time, I got the feeling that I would love to use the products, and honestly, I did fall in lovewith them eventually, including them as a part of my skincare regime. Without wasting any time I will show you Oh that! Natural Products and reviews. Also, before you read through the review below, I would like to let you know that this review is genuine. I don’t write any fake content about the products.

Oh that! Natural French Lavender Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel

Oh that! Natural French Lavender Eyeluxe under Eye Cream Gel
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Our lifestyle has changed over the years. Every one has a hectic schedule with lots of work and tensions. If you are using laptops and phones regularly they affect your skin and eyes. Many people face a problem like dark circles and tired eyes, puffed eyes, wrinkles, etc. Oh that! Natural has introduced an under-eye gel cream for dark circles and wrinkles that help you in getting rid of all your under-eye skin concerns in just four weeks. You can use this lavender-rich natural under-eye gel regularly for four weeks and you could easily see the difference. The area under your eye will be clean and moisturized. This gel contains many key ingredients

Cucumber – As we know that cucumber has high water content, it has the ability to moisturize the area under the eye. It also helps you to prevent wrinkles in addition to storing the natural elasticity of the skin.

Almond – Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties alongside the presence of vitamin E and vitamin K keep your under-eye area smooth without irritating it. It also lightens your dark circles.

Lavender- It firms your under-eye skin and also smoothens your area. It stimulates your blood circulation which is actually good for the under-eye skin. This is the main ingredient in this under-eye gel cream.

Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is a very useful ingredient for natural skin repair treatment. It is very helpful to heal or repair the damaged skin. You can get relief from swelling and puffiness.

How to Use?

  • Clean your face or eyes. Make sure that you clean your makeup properly.
  • Apply a small amount of Eyeluxe gel cream in dots around the eyes with the tip of the finger.
  • Dab the under-eye gel-cream with light hands and then gently massage it in a circular motion until it gets absorbed.
  • Don’t rub this under eye gel for men and women

Price: Rs 799 Rs 299

My Experience:

I just loved this under eye gel. My mom and I regularly use it in the morning as well as at night before we sleep. It has helped both of us to a great extent by lightening her dark circles and wrinkles. The area under the eyes also gets smooth and hydrated with the help of Oh that! Natural Eyeluxe Under Eye Gel. Now the puffiness and tiredness in my eyes after doing work has reduced, thanks to this gel.

I am really happy after using this product. If you are looking for under-eye gel cream for dark circles and wrinkles go for oh that natural French Lavender EyeluxeUnder-Eye Gel.

Oh that! Natural Fresh Affair Odor Neutralizer Spray

Oh that! Natural Fresh Affair Odor Neutralizer Spray
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If you are fed up with a boring room freshener that only layers the stinking smell then you must go with the best odor neutralizer spray in India which is Oh that! Natural Fresh Affair Odor Neutralizer Spray.I think it is a great way to give freshness to your room, office, hotel rooms, lobbies, restrooms, or any other space while diffusing and cutting the stinking smells in your surroundings.

Normally, the kitchen area is open or sometimes it combines with the dining area. And, whenever we cook or are doing something in the kitchen, the guest gets to know everything with their smell. Sometimes, the smell goes pungent. Therefore, it’s time to use this diffuser spray to replace pungent odor with the sweet fresh, and natural aroma of cotton candy around you.

It feels so fresh and pleasant, clean, and also smoke-free after you use this amazing spray. You can see whenever you check into a hotel there is an unbelievable fragrance that makes you wonder what luxurious rooms and corridors they have. They are using Oh that! Natural Fresh Affair Odor Neutralizer Spray to keep their rooms, hotels, and kitchen smelling fresh always.

Oh that! Natural Fresh Affair Odor Neutralizer Spray gives you fresh, aromatic, clean & smoke-free odor around you.

How To Use?

Spray 3-5 times in smoke or odor-filled zones such as rooms, cars, offices, restrooms among other spaces. You can leave that area undisturbed for 5 minutes and enjoy a pleasant aroma around you. Shake well before use.

Why Would I Use This Odor Neutralizer Spray?

  • To be specific, it is flexible to use in offices, cars, homes, reception areas, classrooms, and living areas or wherever you want the bad odor to get eliminated.
  • This odor neutralizer spray contains no chemicals, no volatile compounds, or aerosol compounds. It also enhances your mood when you are upset. It gives a break to your head and mind.
  • One of the best uses of Oh that! Natural Odor Neutralizer Spray is that it not only helps neutralize the bad odor but also gets rid of it.

Price: Rs 699 Rs 299

My Experience

It has a subtle but amazing fragrance that does not tamper with your nose. I just loved it when I used it. My husband also uses it for office and also in his car. Whenever we are going for a road trip or a long drive, we use it time and again to keep our car smell fresh and eliminate the odor of the food we eat on our way. It also keeps our moods fresh and happy.

Lather Junction Face And Body Scrub Grit For Skin Brightening And Tan Removal

Oh that natural products
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We are busy with our own schedules and do not have much time to take care of our faces and body. This is a perfect body care formula for head to toe in the form of a gritted combination of coffee, walnut shell grit, Himalayan Pink salt. Your body attracts different dirt particles and dust that is harmful to your skin if you do not
get rid of them.

Normally, we use cleansers, soaps, body washes, or face wash that are gentle but aren’t able to clean our face or body properly. Germs that are deeply rooted and are present in our pores cannot be cleared with the help of normal soaps. That is where Oh that! Natural Lather Junction Face And Body Scrub Grit. It realistically removes the dirt and dust particles from your skin pores gently ensuring you get rid of them completely. Also, exfoliating your face and body skin as advised 2 to 3 times a week should be an essential part of your beauty and skincare routine.

How To Use?

Open the lid of the scrub grit bottle.

Mix the scrub grit with the favorite skincare product of your choice like body lotion, cream, shower gel, face wash, body wash, etc and then convert it into a scrub.

Massage your tanned body part for at least two minutes. Clean your face and body with normal tap water.

Price: Rs 450 Rs 250

My Experience

I am using this face and body scrub grit for the last two weeks. It has an amazing result. I am using this scrub for removing tan from my body. It really helps me to exfoliate my body. As a result, now I have an even skin tone. It also unclogs my skin pores and prevents acne and breakouts.

Another plus point I have noticed about this best body scrub grit is that it also helps me to give smooth and supple feet. You can use this grit for your cracked feet. You can easily mix it with any, body lotion or wash, and then scrub it on your feet. It will give you healthy and soft skin.

To conclude, brand Oh that! Natural is committed to giving you, clean, conscious, and accessible natural beauty and skincare products for all.



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