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Makeup Essential- 10 Essential makeup products every girl needs in her makeup pouch to look more attractive.

Hello Friends!!  If you are entering the world of makeup, there are lots of products are used. But you don’t worry if you haven’t taken stock of makeup essential in your makeup pouch. It’s all about the basic makeup essentials for every girl needs in her pouch to look more attractive.  There are many more things including foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Once you have read markdown the 10 Essential makeup products for every girl in her makeup pouch.

So its high times to upgrade your makeup pouch with these latest makeup products. And the most important thing, there is no makeup skills are required to do makeup with these products.

How to choose the Best Makeup products?

If you are doing first-time makeup in your life, so you have to choose the best makeup products. I mean to say that the shade of foundation should be matched to your skin and getting the right applicator for your eyeliner. If we are talking about lipsticks and eye makeup there are a number of questions are arising like a shade of skin, waterproof options and much more.

In our beauty industries, there are many brands exists. When we are talking about the best makeup products, it means that the quality of the product and the quantity of the product.

 So we are here to tell you accurately that what every girl should need in her makeup pouch to look more attractive.


Moisturizer-It is like our daily routine formula for caring for our skin. It is a myth that everyone thinks that all the moisturizer is the same. They are made from different ingredients that target different issues like acne, dullness, wrinkles, etc. Moisturizer is in the form of cream, lotion, and oil. 

When we are talking about the makeup essential product list, it comes first in our mind. It is a perfect makeup base for your face with any kind of makeup. When you moisturize your face it will quickly absorb into your skin and your face feels light.

Biotique Moisturizer

I actually prefer Biotique Moisturizer. It is the best Ayurvedic Moisturizer made up of 100% organic and preservative-free ingredients.  What I like about this moisturizer is-pleasant fragrance and it is appropriate for all types of skin.

BB Cream

When you really want skincare and makeup together then it is a perfect match. In just one step you will get even tone of your skin, it hydrates, smooths and protects your skin from damage. We highly recommended Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm with SPF 20. It will free your face from oil for 5-6 hours. It will glow your face for the entire day.

 For the small functions or you can say that for quick makeup you can go with BB cream. You can use Foundation for a night out and BB Cream for day time alternative.  It is one of the best essential makeup products every girl needs in her makeup pouch to look attractive. You can use BB Cream for daily office routine makeup. It will moisturize and smooths your skin.

Clinique BB cream for all type of skin

 We recommend Clinique acne BB Cream. There are five different shades are available. And it has 40 SPF.

 Matte Lipsticks

Lipsticks are like the right hand of makeup. Without lipsticks face makeup is incomplete. I think everyone should know that lipsticks are a very essential part of makeup products every girl needs in her pouch. Matte Lipsticks are now trending. It is something new and classy about lips. Matte lipsticks never go out from trend and fashion.

Matte Lipsticks gives you a stylish and powerful look when you apply on your face. Three things come into my mind when we buy lipsticks i.e. finishing, color shade and brand.

 I personally used M.A.C Lipsticks. You have to choose high-quality lipsticks from all above the brands. There are many shades available in this brand. You must try nude colors.

M.A.C Lipsticks in makeup pouch



Primers are used to even the skin tone and prepare your face for other makeup products and keep you looking fresh right through the day. It will give you a mind-blowing base for the other product. Primer fill-ups all the pores and minimize the dullness of your face. If you never tried primer yet, it’s a high time to add primer in your makeup pouch. It will make your makeup long-lasting.

Primer is one of the best products you have to add in 10 Essential makeup products every girl needs in her makeup pouch to look more attractive.

 I am using POREfessional Face Primer Pro which minimizes the appearance of large pores and fine lines. The bonus points contain the vitamin E derivative which protects the skin from free radicals. It will give you a matte natural matte look. This product gives the best result for normal to combination skin.

Porefessional Primer - essential for makeup pouch


Concealer is used to remove dark circles and hide your all blemishes. It is one of the essential makeup products in your make pouch. The best way to apply concealer is after foundation. Whenever we’re talking about the best concealer, means it’s all about coverage, consistency and staying power. Concealer is in liquid, cream or in stick form.

So I’m advising you to try L.A Girl HD Pro Concealer Color Corrector. There are three shades available in this concealer- Lavender Corrector, Peach Corrector, and Light yellow corrector.  I am using peach Corrector concealer. According to the tone of your skin, you have to buy concealer. You can also apply concealer directly to the BB Cream. It is a cruelty and paraben-free product.

L.A Girl Pro concealer essential  makeup products


If you are looking for flawless skin, then you must apply the foundation on your face. Whenever you buy a foundation first thing that you noticed that the shade of foundation matches with your skin. If you are new to wear foundation, then you should go to Sephora or any other makeup department and try the shades which suit your skin.

We recommend Faces Canada Ultimate Pro HD Runway Ready Foundation. It hides imperfections from your skin. And the gold particles present in the foundation gives you a natural radiance. For the best result, you can apply the foundation with perfect Primer. Just apply foundation on your face where you want coverage and then just blend it with the brush.

Faces Canada Foundation - makeup product List

Nude Eye Shadow Palette

Eye Shadow gives you the best and powerful impact on your face makeup. When we are talking about eye shadow….. People just want Smokey eye makeup. A perfect Eye Shadow palette gives you different shades of colors from which you will create a perfect eye makeup.

Personally I used M.A.C Eye Shadow X9-Burgundy Times Nine.  Six different colors are loaded in this palette. These are rich matte in texture offering numerous color combinations. It is best for Smokey eye makeup. It is a pocket-sized palette, easy portable.

M.A.C Eye Shadow  Palette in makeup products


Every woman needs glowing skin. Highlighter is one of the essential products every girl needs in her makeup pouch to look more attractive. For instant radiance, it is the best, easy and suitable product. Basically it used high point of your cheeks, on brow-bone or the bridge of your nose

We recommend Swiss Beauty Insta Glow Highlighting Stick. For a long makeup glow, it is a blend-able cream-based stick. You can also blend with your fingertips.

Esssential makeup Products- highlighter

Eyeliner and Mascara

To give a perfect shape to your eye, you must use these two makeup products i.e. eyeliner and mascara. You should choose a waterproof eyeliner that can never fade and stay throughout the day. On the other hand, Mascara is now trendy these days. Girls wear mascara, eyeliner and use BB cream for daily routine, office wear and on a romantic date. When you are choosing Mascara you must focus on the shape of the mascara.

I am using Colorbar All Matte Eyeliner. It is a deep matte that lasts upto16 hrs. It is smudge-proof and waterproof all matte eyeliner. I am using L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara. The best thing about the mascara is- brush which gives us fanned- out lash effect. No clumps and no overloads, this mascara applicator coats the lashes consistently.

Color bar Eyeliner
Loreal Paris Mascara


When you need to just touch up your face makeup, we need compact. It is just a quick and easy way to seal your makeup in just one touch. We recommend compact powder to those girls who have oily skin.

Personally I am using M.A.C Mineralize Skin finish-Global Glow.

Makeup Essential that every girl needs- M.A.C compact

Extra products every girl needs in her makeup pouch to look more attractive.

Makeup Remover


Makeup sponge

Makeup Brushes


Safety Pins

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