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In this Lock-down Send Free Sanitary Pads to Needy Women with Everteen

We all know about the current situation of INDIA. Not only India, but the whole world is also suffering from a virus called “CORONA VIRUS”. Due to lock-down, poor people from the whole country is suffering. There are a number of people who have no money and any other source to buy food or other things. So in this lock-down, you should send free sanitary pads to needy women with Everteen.

The company name WET AND DRY which is developed in 2013 creates hygiene products for women.  In this lockdown, the EVERTEEN decided to distribute 1 Million Free Sanitary Pads to the lockdown affected women.  Under this project #SheNeedspad, I am helping everteen in this fabulous step. A website named you can go here and send the pads to the needy girls and women’s at their doorstep, with free of cost.

A number of girls and women’s who are not using smartphones or any digital access they don’t know about how to get free pads.  So we here just need your help in identifying these types of women’s.

If you know these types of women’s or girls who need pads in this lockdown just fill her detail in  And we will send her free sanitary pads at their home.

You can help needy women with these three ways

There are lots of lady worker, maids, poor women, daily wagers who lives in a small town. These types of ladies actually work on several houses and society to full fill their needs. But due to coronavirus they just lost their jobs and feel helpless. Women’s can’t afford even low rate sanitary pads.

They use regular clothe or any type of piece of cloth-like hanky or whatever she had. You must hear about PADMAN movie… this movie, women’s also used a piece of cloths instead of a pad. But this is not a movie. We have to change this situation. Normally people don’t know about how to get free pads, or you can say that they have no idea where to get free sanitary pads. In this project, we have to help needy women who can’t buy /afford sanitary pads.

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Firstly you should know about the Everteen sanitary pads, which you want to donate/send to a needy girl. In this pack, there are 7 pads which are extra large in size and 280mm with wide wings. It will give you advanced high leakage protection with new odour technology. These sanitary pads have neem and safflower with 8 layers protection. During menstrual periods a girl feels happy to wear and live her life with full of confidence. It will give you a smooth and soft touch. You can’t even get any kind of rashes, itching and redness.

Everteen Sanitary Pads to Needy Women

You know that normally people give food, water, medicine to poor people. But it is something different. Actually, you can say that it is another critical problem regarding women hygiene. People must aware of women care.

You can help a needy girl with these three options:

  • Refer Free Pads
  • Sponsor Free Pads
  • Spread the Word

Refer Free Pads

It is a very simple way to send free sanitary pads to a needy girl in this COVID19 Lock-down.  Just go to  and fill her detail. When you open this website there is a button like REFER NOW. You can fill your detail and detail. We can send her sanitary pads on your behalf.  You will be regularly updated on the status. 

You may don’t know when they receive the parcel how happy and special they will feel. When you send these sanitary pads to your maids and lady worker, Everteen will ship a parcel to the mentioned address and she will receive 7 free sanitary pads. She can maintain hygiene and enjoy the benefits of these sanitary pads absolutely free.

Sponsor Free Pads

Our aim is to distribute free sanitary pads to the needy girls, who are not able to even buy a low-cost sanitary pad. This campaign cannot be fulfilled without financial support. And we want this support from you. You can go donate as little as you want to do. But in my opinion, everyone should donate at least Rs100. So we can donate more free sanitary pads to the needy women’s.  It will help us a lot. Every single or little donation will help to make more sanitary pads.

You can easily donate here.

Spread the word

Everteen is just appealing to you, that there are lots of women who need a pad in this lockdown situation.  India is a highly populated country. People are lack in maintaining hygiene and sanitation. In the end, they got affected by COVID19. You have to just aware and spread the message through the internet that how a needy women’s will get free sanitary pads. Help Everteen to spread these word for and wide.

You just simply share this message on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube and other accounts. You can also add hashtags like #SheNeedsPad and #everteen. With these tags, we can also promote or track your post.

When you are promoting this message on social media, you will get a chance to refer 2 more women. You can simply share it on Facebook.

Good news for social media influencer and blogger if you want to support this campaign #sheNeedsPad. Just create a video appeal or an image and post it on your social media accounts. You can also check that how some people made video for this companion. Don’t forget to add hashtags #SheNeedsPad #everteen. Email the link of your post to everteen at We will send you a referral link with whom you want to send free sanitary pads to the 3 needy women’s. you can also download an image from web by typing and make it as a profile DP on your social accounts for a week.

 By this, you can also build awareness for menstrual health and female hygiene.

With your one little effort, you can help the number of girls who can live healthy and hygienic somewhere in India. So I request you to please send free sanitary pads to needy women’s with Everteen.

Just prove that humanity still exists.

Extend your hand India needs.

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