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Best Feminine Intimate Wash Available in INDIA; Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Reviews

So if you are looking for the best intimate wash available in India? If it is true then you are in right place. Here we are talking about the best intimate wash available in India i.e Everteen Natural Intimate Wash. There are lots of people who are not aware about how to care your private areas. Actually it is very important to know about that. Especially if you are female you must maintain the hygiene of your intimate parts. There is a flow of secret fluids in your vagina which cause odor and creates a lots of other problems. So INTIMATE WASH gives you a solution to prevent from these types of problems and help you to feel free.

So here I am discussing about the best intimate wash available in India. Here I am sharing you, about the detailed information of intimate wash. Everteen Natural Intimate wash are the best Intimate wash available in India. Personally I used this Intimate wash and I can share my personal experience about this product.

 There is lack of awareness in old days about the feminine intimate wash.  Female part is very sensitive and easily attack to the other part of the body. So you can use everteen natural intimate wash to prevent your body from any kind of infection and hygienic problem.

What should you look in your intimate wash?

Whenever you choose your intimate wash, there are few things which should remember before buy. You use your intimate wash in your private area, so you shouldn’t use anything on it before knowing about that product. First thing you should remember is your wash should be gentle. You choose that type intimate wash which is formulated with pH- balanced.  Also check that it prevents from unpleasant odor and irritation. These all things are in included in Everteen natural intimate wash.  It is extra mild for all type of skin. You can freely use this intimate wash without any fear. It is best female intimate wash available in India for all type of skin.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Everteen natural intimate wash is technically designed to promote the natural vagina balance and also maintain the proper vaginal hygiene. It will get you relief from itching, burning and also from unpleasant odors. If we are talking about unpleasant odors from vagina, I will give you example how everteen intimate wash help you in that case.

everteen natural intimate wash

Sometime you feel very fishy and embracing in front of your partner due to the bad smell. It will frustrate your partner and sometimes it may affect your intimacy.  It also prevents you from issues like ph balance. A normal pH balance of vagina is 3.5 to 4.5. If the ph value of vagina is disturbed then it leads to infection and inflammation result in the form of itching, burning, irritation and abnormal discharge.

It is made up from 100% active natural ingredients like:

  • Ficus glomarata
  • Butea frondosa
  • Sphatika
  • Aloevera

You can also check the percentage of these ingredients with their benefits. This is the best thing about the product.  The whole important things are mentioned in their packaging.   These intimate washes are in dark yellow color when you look in the bottle. The concentration of the products is easy to use. It is not too thick.

You can use daily everteen natural intimate wash to clean yourself and protect from other harmful diseases.

  • How to use Natural Everteen Intimate wash?

Just simply follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Wet your vagina area with water.
  • Just pour the enough quantity of natural everteen intimate wash on your palm.
  • Apply it directly on the vagina area.
  • And then rinse thoroughly.

You can use this intimate wash twice daily during morning shower and at night also. It also gives moisture to your vagina area.

There are many kind of intimate wash are available by everteen.  Names are following:

  1. Everteen Natural intimate wash for moms-with witch Hazel
  2. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash for teen –with yogurt
  3. Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash.


Everteen Natural intimate wash for moms-with witch Hazel

As you know that everteen natural intimate wash is suitable for all kind of skin. This intimate wash is specially designed for moms with Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is a kind of a fragrant shrub present in North America. This shrub contains many natural medical properties. You can get relief from itching, burning, irritation in vagina and also from irregular bowel movement with age.

everteen natural intimate wash- witch hazel

This intimate wash is especially for moms because it helps to deal with different kind of problem that is occurs in mothers, in post- partum phase or after delivery child.  The shrub witch hazel is useful for moms to repair skin injury, bruises, and normal infection in vagina, managing the pain and also in swelling. This intimate wash is made up of 100% of natural plant extract such as:

These ingredients are known for its skin care benefits. It is very effective cleanser which maintains the pH balance. It will also give a best protection against bacteria, fungal and yeast kind of infection. The color of witch hazel intimate wash is different because of herbal ingredients present in it.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash- witch Hazel is best or you can say that especially useful for elderly women and middle-aged who wants naturally protection and freshness.

You can normally use this witch hazel intimate wash, as above mentioned. Just keep away from the children. You can place at room temperature away from sunlight.

NOTE: Always take patch tests before using any kind of cosmetic or skin care products.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash for teen –with yogurt

As the name indicate that this intimate wash is enriched with the integrity of yogurt. Yogurt is a good found of Lactobacillus which is good for vaginal health. Yogurt is also used in skin whitening, cleansing and also act as best beauty agent and nourishing agent. It will give us a smooth and clear result.

 everteen natural intimate wash-

It is best for teens. Neem is also included in everteen natural intimate wash with yogurt.  The yeast infections like candida, most of found in young women. Neem helps teens to protect their vagina from these types of infections. The skin of youth is very sensitive, smooth, soft and delicate so she also needs extra care for that. Ingredients present in everteen natural intimate wash with yogurt are:

  • Yogurt
  • Neem
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn
  • Aloe-Vera

These ingredients also help to heal the properties of itching, burning sensation.  Aloe Vera also gives moisturizer or anti-inflammatory effect to feel happy. Unpleasant smell also gives youth discomfort. The regular use of this intimate wash also prevent from this bad odor with smooth effect. You can normally apply this intimate wash and rinse thoroughly. Everteen recommended that this intimate wash can be useful for all type of skin.

Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash

This is a new way to maintain feminine hygiene. This intimate wash is also made up from neem, tree oil, sea buckthorn and aloe-vera.  And the benefits of this foam type of intimate wash is same as others. Like it maintain your pH levels of private part.


 The best part of everteen natural intimate foam wash is, it is suitable for all type of ladies. Women, teens, moms and old ladies can use the benefits of this wash and take care of their vagina with the regular use of intimate foam wash. You will get easily relief from itching and irritation. You can feel free, clean and fresh the entire day. You can also get rid from bad odor, sometimes you feel embracing in front of your colleagues due to bad odor.

everteen natural intimate foam wash

 It also gives moisture and nourishes your vagina with a smooth effect.  You can also use this intimate wash with same direction as above mentioned.

This is the high time to say good bye to your harsh soaps, gels and cleanser. And exchange it with your new or best feminine intimate wash available in India i.e. everteen natural intimate wash. Select one intimate wash from all these above mentioned and enjoy the benefits of these intimate wash and maintain proper hygiene.

 If you don’t use any kind of intimate wash then it is right time to get started.

Stay happy and healthy life.

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