12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss

12 Surprising Breakfast ideas for Weight Loss

Weight loss- DO you know that, first thought coming on my mind when people usually talks about weight loss i.e. food. I mean to say that dieting. Dieting is most important thing in weight loss. You should conscious about food. What type of food you should take? The food should be healthy and nutritious. Honestly speaking, when summer starts or you can say that wedding seasons are coming, than you normally thought about reduce some extra pounds from your body. Here we are mentioned the 12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss.

What I think is, if we start our day with healthy and good food, it will make our day more energetic. Normally if you are going to consulting a dietitian about weight loss, they advise you to take 30-35 kcal / kg of your body weight. And one should have his/her breakfast healthy we can say more “calorific”. For a person weighing 60 kg, his/her calorie count in whole day should be 1800Kcal. For breakfast, an intake of 300-350Kcal is advised.

Breakfast is a big job. If you start your morning with healthy, nutritious, delicious and well-balanced meal, it will increase your metabolism and also control you’re over eating. Wait for a second; it doesn’t mean that only you should eat breakfast. A perfect breakfast is- to eat right food. It is the combination of healthy protein, fat and crabs.  According to nutritious, if you are losing your weight then your breakfast shouldn’t be more than 300 calories. A perfect or healthy breakfast can also lead you to lose your weight.

So enjoy your breakfast meal with these 12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss. It is very difficult to find out the delicious and healthy breakfast when you are on dieting. These combinations will help you to start healthy and fit and also helps you to reduce some kilos.

Muesli -Healthy breakfast for Weight Loss

Museli is “uncooked/unbaked cereal” containing oats, nuts, seeds and fruits. What more do we need than such a fully loaded pack of vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients? A WHOLESOME breakfast is here! Just half cup of muesli contains 150 to 250 calories; calories depend upon the brand and ingredients. If you add an orange juice or a cup of milk; the calories will add112 0r 100 resp.

Muesli for weight loss

Energy-270 Kcal

Oats and Banana pancakes

Pancakes are power packed breakfast ideas. Not all pancakes are high in calories drenched in sugar syrup. This recipe is three ingredient recipe including bananas, oats and eggs. Make a batter of these ingredients and pour into lightly greased pan. You will get a healthy version of the otherwise considered calorie bombs. If you are on dieting you can also go with these delicious pancakes. This is good ideas for dieting breakfast

Oats and bananas pancake for weight loss

Energy-300 Kcal

Avocado Toast with Egg

Avocados are unique fruits as it is high in healthy fats, fiber and various important nutrients. Usually people like eggs on breakfast, but is you add avocado toast with egg it will give you high protein and energy.  77% of calorie in avocados is from monounsaturated fats. This makes it very healthy for breakfast. This is very healthy for us, and it is best for healthy recipes for the weight loss

Best breakfast ideas

Energy- 250 Kcal

Banana, Peanut Butter and cinnamon smoothie

Morning time is very busy for everyone.  I have a daughter. My husband is also food conscious. He wants healthy and low calories’ food which makes him fit and healthy. Everyone has a hectic schedule in morning. For that people the Banana, Peanut Butter and cinnamon smoothie are the best option. This smoothie packed with full protein and taste like a dessert. For every woman it is quick and healthy breakfast ideas. For more healthy diet you can add some cinnamon, it gives a clue of warm species and it ties mutually with other ingredients.

Breakfast ideas for weight loss

Now if you are busy, I am sure you wouldn’t be upset. This dish is also comes under 12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss.

Energy -300 Kcal

Overnight chia seed oatmeal Jars

Chia seeds are small but very powerful. It is very good breakfast complement. It is very rich in fiber and protein, when you eat chia seeds in breakfast it helps you to fell fuller for long time. This is my favorites recipes for the weight loss plan

Surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss

 Energy-336 per bowl

Blueberry vanilla quinoa bowl

Quinoa serves to be a great cereal for breakfast due to its high protein content and low calories. It takes slightly more time than any other cereal. Combine quinoa with vanilla and cinnamon it will make a good combination. Blueberries are great combination to these and so far most promising breakfast ideas due to its high antioxidant content. It is also added as low calories breakfast ideas for the weight loss.

Blueberry vanilla quinoa bowl; weight loss recipes


Roasted veggies with easy fried egg

Easy way to reutilize you food leftovers and make it a nutritious one is just combine it with fried egg. An egg plays an important role in breakfast when you combine it with veggies like yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and onions, it will  give you  a healthy and low calories breakfast, as we demanded.

Roasted veggies with easy fried egg; breakfast ideas

Energy- 349 per serving.

Gluten free Granola Bars 

Gluten intolerance is way too common in this generation. Considering this, ready to eat bar which can easily be prepared at home is introduced. Also, many people follow gluten free diets for weight loss. Granola bars can be prepared using honey, dates and bananas.

Gluten free Granola Bars

Energy- 130 Kcal per bar

Scrambled Tofu – dieting breakfast

 It is very versatile food. Just like eggs, you can prepare delicious tofu scrambled with added vegetables and spices.  This low crab and high protein recipe will complete your energy requirements and it tastes good. You can add spinach and scrambled egg with tofu. It is also healthier and also helpful for weight loss.

 Best Breakfast ideas

Energy-290 Kcal

Blueberry Greek yogurt pancakes

Greek yogurt delivers an energetic chunk of protein in every portion, and making it an ideal low calories breakfast for weight loss. Packed with abundance of antioxidants, high quality protein, these pancakes are great when taken in breakfast. It is a high protein pancakes which usually yours mums makes for you.

Breakfast recipes for weight loss

Energy- 450 Kcal

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie bowl

This smoothie takes less time to make and has a very delightful flavor. It needs only four ingredients pureed banana, strawberries, yogurt and peanut butter. This is the most commonly dish which everyone wants. In this dish; high nutrients are present and helps you to builds a satisfied breakfast.

Breakfast for weight loss

Energy- 420 Kcal

Poha with Buttermilk

Buttermilk can be taken with any food item. It is very low fat drink and proves to be super healthy drink which helps to digest the food quickly.

Poha is an idea breakfast and is very low in calories. Beside from this, it is very rich in fiber and whenever you eat poha, you feel full your tummy for long time. And it also helps you to avoid overeating. It appears that POHA is both- healthy and tasty.

Poha for weight loss

Energy- 230 kcal

If you are consuming wrong foods, it can intensify your cravings and leads to the failures before the day even begins. So start your day with  these 12 surprising breakfast ideas for weight loss.

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