10 Winter Jacket for women

10 Winter Jackets for Women that are warm and stylish.

At the end of the month, it’s time to pack your bikinis, shorts, and summer dresses and unfold your sweater and jackets. If you are looking for the winter sweaters and coats in this season so this post is for you. I am sharing my winter jackets today with you. These are the 10 winter jackets for women in my wardrobe collection. I hope you will also get ideas from that and make your wardrobe full of these kinds of jackets. It looks classy and elegant and gives you a warm and stylish look in this winter season.

Winter wardrobe Jackets for women

Winters are coming- just updating your wardrobe with these cute, stylish, and warm jackets? I just want to say that I have little obsession with jackets. When winters are started I just normally thinking about dry-cleaning the jackets & coats. Whenever I go to parties and clubs in the winters I just want my outfit to be perfect. Like shoes, belt and bracelet should be proper matched.

Now it’s time to show your 10 winter jackets for women that are warm and stylish.

Suede jackets this season

Suede Jacket for women

When you want to look stylish and classy just style yourself with these suede jackets. I buy this cutie from ZARA. I just loved the design and structure of this suede jacket.  At the weekend party, I style this jacket with Zara high waist jeggings. To compliment your winter outfit must wear CARLTON LONDON shoes. You can also go with blue denim.

You can wear it at parties and clubs and also pair this suede jacket with a crop top. There are many kinds of stylish crop top are available which you can carry with this jacket. Check out the different ways to wear a crop top to look more attractive. I hope it will help you.

Show some love to Crop Hooded Jackets

Red Bomber jacket for women

It’s high time to ditch your leather jacket and show some love to newly trending crop jackets.  Whenever you buy crop jackets you will really surprise to see the various colors and collection of the bomber jackets. These are truly amazing. Your wardrobe is definitely incomplete without this trendy crop jacket.

 This cropped jacket is from TRUE RELIGION. I style this jacket with again jegging. I just loved to wear jegging and of course in black color. You can style it with a skirt and blue denim also.

Parka jacket to the Rescue

Parka jacket for winters

If you are waiting for comfortable jackets for women, then it’s high time to buy and upgrade your almirah with these new parka winter jackets. It is one of the best winter jackets for a woman that is warm and stylish. You can wear it on casual occasions and office for daily purposes and also when you want urban looks. In my opinion, I feel every girl should have one Parka jacket in her wardrobe. These jackets finished at knees length. These jackets have usually seen in khaki color or army green color. It also contains a hood or fur hood. I am wearing this Parka jacket from Levis, it is pretty old. But I love to wear it and get great use of it.

Pretty in Puffer Jacket

Zara Pink puffer Jacket

If you are in the NorthWest, then there must be very cold weather in your country, so all girls have standard weather proof puffer jacket either in black, pink, or grey. A classic and normal puffer jacket never goes out of fashion.

I wear a pink puffer jacket with navy blue denim. It also contains one layer of the casual hoodie, which makes you toasty even in the coldest days of the year.

These jackets are very warm, even when you going on winter vacations you must take one parka jacket in your trolley. For Indians just chill in Manali and Leh and take a good photoshoot with this cute pink parka jacket. This puffer jacket is lightweight and keeps me hot, even sometimes I really sweat.

Blue Denim never goes out of Fashion

 Denim Jacket for Women

Denim Jackets are the best investment in the winter outfit. Actually, these are not really winters jackets you can even wear at the end of the summers. I told you something that if you don’t have your own denim jacket (in any shade) then you don’t know the trend well.

There are many kinds of denim jackets like plain, stripes sequence, and patches. I have two denim jackets in a blue shade, one is plain and the other one is a stripe denim jacket. In this picture, I wore a stripe denim jacket. Just see the picture it looks chic, classy, and royal when you wear this beautiful denim jacket. For casual wear, you can go with this jacket.  For an offbeat look, you can pair it with bodycon dresses.

Houndstooth coat for winters

Houndstooth coat for winters

This pattern is one of my favorites patterns. This pattern is actually started off in the Scottish lowlands 19 century. Now, this print is very famous among all. It is a very stylish, trendy, and warm jacket for women in winters.

This coat print is alive forever. I wish every lady should have this kind of jacket in her wardrobe.  Match a denim distressed jeans with this coat and leather boots. It will give you a classy and royal look. When you pair this coat with straight jeans and a knit sweater, it will give you a retro vibe.

Give some love to Oversized Jacket

oversized denim jacket

The oversized jacket is very cool. Everybody is not comfortable to wear fitted jackets, so for those girls… there is a jacket which is trending in our fashion world i.e. oversized jacket. Depending upon the choice you buy this jacket. Like denim, puffer oversized jacket and there are so many.

This winter season is all about the jacket- so just beat the cold with an oversized denim jacket. When you style this jacket I know you are getting ohh!  kind of comments.  It is a very chic, stylish, and comfortable jackets for casual wear. You can also pair it with a sweater. this is my favourite one jacket from all above the 10 Winter Jackets for Women

Mustard Jackets in Trend

Mustard Jacket for women

Generally, here we are talking about winter jackets. For women that are warm and stylish. So another jacket is depending upon the color.  Mustard color is now trending. You see in summer there are so many mustard Kurtis, tops and Anarkali are top in our fashion list. This time it’s all about the winters, here also show some love to the mustard jacket. For the past year, I have been searching for a mustard jacket that looks stylish as well as warm. Finally one day I got it. Just look at the jacket how adorable and chic look I got.

The brand name of this jacket is ZARA. This jacket is counted as the best seller of Zara Brand. I just love the mustard jacket. Every girl wants this kind of jacket in her wardrobe. Don’t waste your time just go and grab this beautiful jacket. I hope this jacket is still available in the store.

All-time favorite Leather jacket

Leather Jacket for Women

Damn sure that there is nobody of us who doesn’t wear a leather jacket in the winter season. Leather jackets are an all-time favorite. The leather jackets give you real style and statement to your look. Everyone should have at least one leather jacket in your wardrobe as it is a basic or styled or half leather jacket.

I have many leather jackets. But I love this Madame half Leather jacket. If I am not wrong, I bought two Madame Leather jacket in a sale. I don’t want to say that but I have to, that every girl loved to go for shopping in a sale. Girls want more clothes.

If you are very confused or feeling doubt about what to wear to a party or casual day out. Just go with straight jeans, leather jackets, and boots.

It is perfect for everyday occasions.

Chic Lavender

Lavender Jacket for Women

Lavender- It is wow. I just love the lavender color, when I see Hina Khan at Cannes Film Festival 2019. She wore a lavender dress, from that day I have some true feelings for lavender color.

If love is black then passion is lavender. I don’t say much about this jacket. I know when you see this jacket, you don’t need anything.

Remember one thing this jacket will redefine your whole look when you wear in winters. So these all are the 10 winter Jackets for women, comment below which one is your favorite.

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Stay cool and stylish with these jackets!!



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  2. Denim always rocks. It does not go out of the fashion. I like the grey one that you are wearing “Give some love to Oversized Jacket”. That shades really look elegant in both men and women.
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